The town of Southold, on the eastern tip of Long Island, was originally settled by the English all the way back in 1640, making it the oldest English settlement in New York State. Perched on the edge of the Long Island Sound, Southold boasts a rich maritime history filled with fishing, shipbuilding, sailing, whaling, and nautical commerce. Over time, several lighthouses were built in and around Southold on the East End of Long Island to guide vessels on their voyages. Many of these lighthouses still light the way for ships and boats traveling through Long Island Sound. These lighthouses make up just a handful of the hundreds of lighthouses lighting the coastline of the United States.

Today, visitors to the area may catch a glimpse of these beacons warning mariners of impending danger. While many are not open for visitors, one of the regular ferries passes by many of them, offering passengers an up-close view:

• Orient Point Lighthouse
• Plum Island Lighthouse
• Little Gull Island Lighthouse
• Race Rock Lighthouse
• North Dumpling Lighthouse
• Latimer Reef Lighthouse
• Gardiner’s Point Lighthouse

This site is dedicated to telling the history of the East End lighthouses that have protected so many mariners from shipwreck and harm. We hope you’ll visit Southold and see the charming lighthouses dotting our coastline for yourself.